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Credit & Debt Management

Learn to manage your credit and debt today. Please email or call for information.

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Educational Seminars for Consumers and Professionals

Learn how to understand your credit.

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In one hour learn how to manage your money and prepare for the future.

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Credit Checks

Whether you are a real estate agent, mortgage lender, a potential employer or a landlord you want to make sure your clients and employees have the credit background necessary to commit to a “relationship.” Chaffin Credit Consulting can provide “soft pulls” onto consumer credit accounts and let you know the standing of said consumer in regards to their credit history and scoring. A soft pull is completely invisible on a consumer report and does not impact their scores or history in any way.

Whether you are looking to pull one potential report or one hundred Chaffin Credit Consulting can help you out with a very reasonable fee within your desired time frame.

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We guarantee a response within two business days. Consultations rates: $40.00 for a one hour time period. Payments are due after all questions and concerns are addressed and can be […]

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Financial Advisory

With the exception of parents and an economics course or two there is very little education out there to help you understand how to manage “your” money. Each individual is […]

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Chaffin Financial is focused on offering financial management for anyone in need no matter your situation or income level. We are here to listen and help guide you through any […]

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INDIVIDUAL/JOINT Like most individuals you’ve likely filed your own taxes or gone to one of the larger companies who set up shop down the street for a few months each […]

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