Are You Spoiled?

Are you Spoiled? – By CCC

We all say no to this question. I am not spoiled! I work hard for what I have and spend my money wisely.

The truth is you are spoiled. I am too! It takes a lot for me to say that… let me explain with a pint sized example that the majority
of adults partake in every day…

Each morning I drive to Dunkin Donuts. In the summer I buy a medium or large ice coffee. In the winter I buy a medium or large hot coffee. So let’s say each morning I spend $3.00 on a coffee (minimum! An ice coffee now is ridiculously expensive). Then about every other day I buy a second cup of coffee in the afternoon (could be I’m very busy with work, could be I want a break, could be I’m right down the street, it’s the weekend blah blah blah any excuse will do). So, conservatively, 4 days a week I buy two cups of coffee at $3.00 a cup.

That comes down to $33.00 per week or $132 per month or $1,584 per year.

Ok… well that’s a lot of money. I could pay my electric bill each month with that or get gas or buy dog food etc… BUT! Coffee is important (the thought that goes on in my head). So that’s “rationalized”…

So back to reality once again…. I have two people I see every day. A mother and a boyfriend. Usually every other day I will buy each of them a coffee as well. My mother likes her iced coffee with a turbo shot which costs about $4.50. The boyfriend likes his iced mediums so about $3.00. Approximately 4 days a week I do this, adding up to an extra $30.00 per week or $120 per month or $1,440 per year…

In coffee alone this year I will have spent $3,024… Or $252 per month… That is quite a reality check… I’m cringing as I’m writing this. Slightly ashamed and amazed. (I didn’t plan out this article, did not run the numbers beforehand)

So, I am spoiled. I think some part of me “deserves” sparkly new out of the store coffee every day. It doesn’t matter I spend some of it on other people. What it comes down to is I SPEND IT because I want to. It is completely unnecessary. I could buy it from BJs for $50 a month and make it at home.

I know that Dunkin Donuts is a luxury. I know that is should be viewed as a reward. Most days I do nothing to deserve something new and shiny except a full day’s worth of work. Which we all do… so why do I deserve this little something

How about you? What do you buy every day? What is your small luxury purchase? Help yourself out. Crunch the numbers or I’ll crunch them for you.

Note to self: this year I bought coffee I didn’t need instead of let’s say…. A down payment on another home, a vacation somewhere tropical, the furnace I need for the winter… Smart… But now I know just because I talked about it.

Why am I writing this? Because facing reality is important. Chaffin Credit Consulting can help you do so. Whether you need someone to talk to, want to crunch numbers or want to save for the future we can help you. Savings comes in all shapes, sizes, consistencies and temperatures!