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Credit & Debt Management

Learn to manage your credit and debt today. Please email or call for information.

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Educational Seminars for Consumers and Professionals

Learn how to understand your credit.

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In one hour learn how to manage your money and prepare for the future.

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There is a saying, “nothing is certain in life except death and taxes”. In today’s world the more accurate statement would be “nothing is certain in life except credit, death and taxes”.


Chaffin Credit Consulting specializes in providing credit education, analysis and restoration.


The majority of consumers have received little to no education regarding credit. They do not know how to build it, maintain it or simply “play the game” to achieve high scores They “google” for answers to questions and concerns but this results in numerous contradictory statements with no way of knowing who is right, who is wrong and who profits from the actions suggested.


Chaffin Credit Consulting is here to answer your questions, provide personalized guidance and help you achieve your credit and financial goals.


We have over a decade of experience in studying the law, interacting with the bureaus and working with creditors and collectors.


As a smaller company our business relies on our reputation. This means out goal is to make you happy. We want you to learn from your experience, enjoy the results and be prepared for the future.


Chaffin Credit Consulting services are threefold.

First, we repair credit. We remove negative accounts from credit reports. We do this through requesting proof of a debt, massive amounts of documentation and making sure all the legalities concerning credit reporting are being followed. Credit regulations, both state and federal, change constantly and are different in every state.

Proof of debt and credit histories are very difficult to produce (due to the fact that the majority of paperwork gets transferred from physical documentation to electronic systems and in many instances is misplaced or shortened in the process) not to mention time consuming and expensive on the part of the creditor. However, legally, if the request is made, the paperwork must be provided in order to both demand a debt and/or report.

In the state of Massachusetts the majority of the time debt collection is done illegally. Before considering paying off a debt collector the first step is to always make sure the debt was purchased legally and the amount of the debt (whether credit card debt, medical debt, etc) is agreed upon and correct.

We are honest with our clients from the beginning as to what they can expect regarding their specific credit restoration case. If there is a possibility the results desired are unobtainable the client will be told right away and other avenues will be suggested such as debt consolidation, mediation or even Bankruptcy.

A case has never been presented where we cannot help the client discover the right avenue to restore their credit and manage their debt.

Second, all client’s agree to do their part in the process. This consists of not only keeping all payments on time with creditors from the signing of the contract but also keeping credit card balances low, not making any hard inquiries as well as applying for secured cards, loans and/or piggybacking as needed.

Between the removal of the negative items as well as the client’s role in creating positive credit the increase in credit score on average is 100 points or more by the time a client’s case has been completed.

Third, we focus on education. Clients are involved in every aspect of their debt and credit restoration case.  Chaffin Credit Consulting is not made up of lawyers (lawyers cannot legally work on credit in the state of Mass); since we are not lawyers we cannot legally take a step without our client’s approval and viewing of all actions. The more involved a client is and the greater the understanding  the happier everyone is.

Finally, we have instituted a different method of payment in comparison to other credit repair companies. Most companies charge a monthly fee whether or not results are achieved (*please note, charging a monthly fee for credit restoration in the state of Massachusetts is illegal). We charge a small set up fee and after that we charge only when results are achieved. You only make payments once your credit has been repaired! Our company is based on trust.

You trust us to fix your credit and help manage your debt. We trust you to compensate us once our work has been completed.

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